African Action International is a faith-based organization involved in developing projects to assist and empower families and communities to rise up above poverty to achieve their life goals.  African Action is about restoring hope, renewing faith and demonstrating love in very tangible ways.

Helping one child or family can have a great impact on their future and their community. Every child we sponsor, every widow empowered, every sick person restored to health is in turn empowered to impact their world and make it a better place. We want to impart something of what we are and have through building true friendships with our friends/partners by providing encouragement and practical support, in order to enable them to reach their dream to become self-supporting and self-respecting with a vision for the future.  We have found our African friends/partners to be very dedicated and sacrificial as they reach out with us to share and contribute from their own meagre resources to support those in greater need.  The hospitality and generosity of our African brothers and sisters challenges us continuously.

What we do

African Action has active projects in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan.  Working with our African partners to develop self-sustaining long term projects by building and equipping schools for the education of children who have a disability or are living in poverty. We develop clean water projects, agricultural development and micro-finance for women in poverty, building schools and providing sponsorship for orphaned and needy children.


How you can help

If you have a passion to make a difference and positively impact the lives of people who do not have access to education, medical aid, you can help by:- Raising funds, Donating, Child Sponsorship, Membership, visiting projects.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller



Our initial interest in Africa began because of our personal sponsorship of an African child in 1994 and by touring four nations in East Africa during 1996. Prior to any ministry in Africa, during our 30 years in pastoral ministry in Gippsland, we had been engaged in short term Mission trips to Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and John also took a mission trip to South America. These earlier times no doubt laid a good foundation for what was to follow.                                                           

We have always believed that when visiting another nation that we are to be respectful and aware of the culture of the people, as those ‘whom Christ died for’! To maintain always a consciousness of their dignity and their needs and to find effective avenues to assist them to find the solutions that were needful and beneficial. We believe in giving people a ‘help up’, not simply a temporary ‘help-out’!

AAI is about Restoring Hope, Renewing Faith and Demonstrating Agape Love through respectful relationship and partnering. AAI began work, initially in Uganda and later in Kenya and more recently in South Sudan.


Our mandate and commitment is to openly model and behave respectfully, compassionately, lovingly, and relationally in true friendship and Christian community. Integrated, whenever and wherever possible, by practical identification with the Countries Christian Culture and Community life style.


There was never a ‘separation’ of ‘them and us’. African people were acknowledged as the people who were aware of the situation within their own nations, culture and communities, and therefore able to guide us as we developed our partnership and combined vision. We could then move forward to engage outreach and teamwork into many villages and towns offering hope through the message of the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ with Christian Leadership programs and practical projects in a united ministry.


We credit our in-country Leaders and Pastors who have partnered with us as achieving great things through faith and determination and yes even at times much suffering and pain to achieve our goals.They were the ones, who with assistance from the AAI team could achieve life transforming results, as opportunity was given to them, to respond to their own calling and their own people; it is God working with our and through our African partners/friends, to develop self-sustaining, long term projects which continue to be developed today.

AAI assisted by providing various training materials, Leadership Programs and many different ‘Courses in Christian Ministry’ for many local Pastors in suburban and rural areas. The alleviation of poverty was also, and remains a major thrust, particularly in Rural Kenya and Uganda and Now South Sudan through the building of schools for the education of children from primary through to Secondary and Tertiary Education and Vocational Training Courses. Many fine young men and women are now following Gods guidance as they establish careers to serve Him within their own nation.

Other Programs were developed engaging in a ‘Micro-Finance Program’ to assist single parent families trapped within the many refugee camps. Church planting, improved sanitation and provision of ‘clean water’ wells and year-round water through the drilling of deep bore holes in both Uganda and South Sudan.


Medical treatment is provided in the AAI Medical Clinic at Magere Village with which has operated for some years providing health care and conducting mobile medical clinics into rural areas.

The construction of self-supporting Schools provide education for over 900 children. The latest development being the building of a school in the village of Obbo in South Sudan.  We have found our African partners to be very dedicated and sacrificial as they reach out with us to share from their own meagre resources to support those in greater need.

The strength and success of AAI has been developed through a God-View of ‘His Body’ which is the entire church of God and partnering with faithful                     co- workers and trustworthy/proven national leaders, faithful donors and sponsors, maintaining relational integrity with each nation and its people, and having a genuine caring heart for all people and a listening ear to all people!  It is the Principle expressed in Matthew 22: 37-39. Love God with all your heart and love people others as you want to be loved.