African Action International works in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan to rescue children and give them hope.


Your sponsorship contributes toward schooling costs, the needs of the children, and food. 

Sponsorship is $50 a month for primary school, $70 a month for secondary school children and $120 a month for tertiary and vocational  courses.


All AAI Sponsors are invited to purchase a new school uniform in November December of each year at a cost of $70.00.  


Our Sponsors are the link to a successful future for the children entrusted to our care. Our deepest gratitude is extended to those who assist in the AAI Sponsorship Program.



For supporters of the work of AAI in Africa there is also the opportunity to contribute to our Education Fund. 

This fund is vital to fully resource the children in their education. Those entering secondary schools and tertiary training have significant costs for accommodation and food as they are required to live away from Mercy Home.


Their need for texts and information technology become vitally important to their success. As sponsorship generally covers school fees this Education Fund is so important to meet these extra costs as they transition into the higher levels of education.

Not all the students have the ongoing support of a Sponsor and donations to the Education Fund are also used to meet some of their needs.

Such a fund can receive regular donations or a lump sum when a supporter can do this. 

Effective and efficient donations - see your contributions in action!

We offer corporate partners involvement opportunities targeting high impact, and life changing developments for entire communities.

Some examples include:

- Access to Clean Water

- Kitchen Garden Programs 

- Community infrastructure

- School Construction

- Farming for Food Production

- Housing for children in care

- Medical Services