Mercy Children’s Home was founded in 2001 by Consolate Aluoch Muga, who approached the local Welfare department to tell them that she was willing to raise orphaned children. It was not long before she was caring for ten children in two small rooms. Consolate was later able to rent the present property and existing house, and continued in that arrangement until 2005/6 when AAI to purchase agreed to purchase the property of 4.5 acres. Since that time, we have worked with Connie and her Board through the development and enlargement of living facilities. Building added has been ‘Extensions for the kitchen/dining area and boy’s bedrooms’, plus a ‘stand-alone building’ providing girls dormitory plus matron’s room and administration offices. This building was built to allow for upper floors to be added on top of the present structure providing room for future development.

THE AREA                                                                                                                                                  


Mercy Children’s Home is situated on a hillside near Uriri, a short distance from Migori Town in South Nyanza, Kenya. Migori is a bustling town close to the border with Tanzania and is an area which is growing and developing into a busy commercial centre. Buses commute daily to Nairobi. The view from the home is picturesque, covered with rich tropical greenery with a view of distant hills and mountains. Small family farms. Mercy Home staff and friend work on the homes farmland planting and harvesting crop to supplement the diet f the children from the freshly grown crops such as vegetables, greens, maize, fruits and vegetables. Over recent years much land has been given over to growing sugar for large Sugar producers from outside the country. This is proving very destructive to the livelihood of many families, with unforeseen circumstances arising from this development.


The home houses up to fifty children at any one time. Some children are brought to the home by the Local Children’s Welfare Department. Many arrive in a traumatised state, having lost one or both parents. Some children arrive at Mercy Home with physical injuries and emotional scarring from abuse, neglect, rejection. Many suffering from malnutrition and lack of any socialisation or education. On arrival the children receive a warm welcome from the staff and other children in the home. They are given time to settle in and get to know their new surroundings and are offered counselling and cared for the Matron, Brenda, a woman who knows how to comfort, love and care for these precious children, having been a child at Mercy herself. Brenda is also a skilled home keeper and attends to the clothing and dressing of the children daily. Also, a Social Worker is employed to follow up each child and keep records of all children in the home and assess what their particular needs are such as for medical care or any emotional, mental or physical needs of the children. is trained to assist them to settle in and find their place in their new home.


AAI welcomes you to be part of the sponsorship program at Mercy Home. Each person who sponsors a young child is contributing to a transformed future for that child. Sponsor support is sent from AAI Australia each month of the year. Sponsors receive a photograph of the child and updates as to their progress in life and in school. 

Monthly Sponsorship of $50 at Primary, $70 at Secondary and $120 at Tertiary level also extends to children living in the nearby impoverished community unable to attend school because of family breakdown, family illness and poverty. This provides them with education and a nutritious lunch at school each day. Each child needs a school uniform each year and this is provided by an additional donation of $70 per child per year. This covers uniform, shoes, socks and sports uniform. All sponsors are requested to send this in September/October each year as school begins in Kenya at the end of the first week in January. A uniform is found to be very important to African Schools as it gives each and every child equal status with all other students. To see the smiles on happy faces when they first wear that uniform is worth so much!


Not all the students have the ongoing support of a Sponsor and donations to the Education Fund are used to meet some of their needs, to enable them to attend school. 


This school was begun by Consolate during an emergency situation in the nation after rioting, plundering and violence affected the whole nation because of tribal unrest after fraudulent election some years ago. For three months the children could not leave the property. All schools were closed for months. It was then that Consolate decided, enough was enough, and she had longed to begin a school anyway, so the old tin shed at the top of the property became a school! Since that time as many needy families began to bring their children to be schooled and the number of children living at the home increased and more corrugated classrooms were added in ever increasing row’s with the help of funds provided by AAI Australia.

In 2020 the school has around 350 children from Nursery level to grade 8. It also provides ‘Early Childhood Development’ classes for the youngest children. The Teachers and students are focused on providing and receiving a good educational standard to prepare for a successful future life.