The vision for this school began in 2009 when God revealed to Pastor Sula His heart for the suffering of many deaf children who were denied the opportunity of education.


The first faith step was to purchase suitable land. This was found in Bweyale, a rural town, 4 hours north from the capital city, Kampala. This town has grown significantly and continues to develop as a regional base. The second step was to establish a successful Primary School which would then support the development of education for children with special needs.


Now many school buildings have been established and are operating and more continue to be added, making room for the expanding number of students which has exceeded five hundred.


Two Boarding Facilities are in use, each with a Matron providing loving care.


Classrooms now extend across the large property, with four colourful classrooms cascading down the hill toward the small wetland in the valley where food crops are grown.


In addition, a large ‘Hall’ was completed in 2018. This will serve as an ‘Examination Centre’ for the Upward school and be available for use of other schools in the district. Making this building available to other schools will generate funds towards self-sufficiency for the future!


Members of CRC Morwell and AAI Management Committee Max & Jill Sargent, both experienced Primary Teachers, visited the school with great affect in 2017.

Jill in ‘Early Childhood Development’ and Max in ‘Natural Sciences’. Their efforts were greatly appreciated.


The vision to provide education for deaf children has now been achieved with the fully equipped classrooms and trained teachers. The first five deaf children have now been enrolled to begin in second term 2018.

In 2013 the school opened its door for services and a total of 34 pupils registered for classes from primary one – primary five.


The outcomes are very promising, we hope to carry on more development so that the pupils and staff can have the best to enhance their studies and teaching skills.


However, the main objective of the school is to provide education for the deaf children this is our great central objective of the school.  We hope soon to begin the special needs education program from term two this year.  General Student Registration is now close to 550 pupils with 29 Teaching Staff.


Written by John & Jean Leak


Kids playing at the school