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A little bit about us

African Action International is a faith-based organization involved in developing projects to assist and empower families and communities to rise up above poverty to achieve their life goals.  African Action is about restoring hope, renewing faith, and demonstrating love in very tangible ways.

Helping one child or family can have a great impact on their future and their community. Every child we sponsor, every widow empowered, every sick person restored to health is in turn empowered to impact their world and make it a better place.


We want to impart something of what we are and have through building true friendships with our friends/partners by providing encouragement and practical support, in order to enable them to reach their dream to become self-supporting and self-respecting with a vision for the future.  We have found our African friends/partners to be very dedicated and sacrificial as they reach out with us to share and contribute from their own meager resources to support those in greater need.  The hospitality and generosity of our African brothers and sisters challenge us continuously.

What do we do?

African Action has active projects in Uganda, Kenya, and South Sudan.  Working with our African partners to develop self-sustaining long-term projects by building and equipping schools for the education of children who have a disability or are living in poverty. We develop clean water projects, agricultural development, and micro-finance for women in poverty, building schools and providing sponsorship for orphaned and needy children.


How you can help?

If you have a passion to make a difference and positively impact the lives of people who do not have access to education, medical aid, you can help by:- Raising funds, Donating, Child Sponsorship, Membership, visiting projects.

All Hands In

About Us 

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

Our Mission

We believe that when visiting other nations, we are to be mindful, respectful, and aware of the culture of the people. We believe in giving people a ‘help up’, not simply a temporary ‘help-out’. Self-sufficiency as soon as practicable is our constant aim.  

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Our Vision

We welcome all people who have a desire to participate in the work and vision of AAI, which is ongoing in three nations in East Africa, Uganda, Kenya, and South Sudan. AAI majors in areas of education, family restoration, and self-sustaining short and long-term projects.

Meet Our Team




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Pastors John & Jean Leak

Australian Board

Australian Board

AUSTRALIA Jim Julie Hewett.PNG

                  Jim Hewett

                Julie Hewett

                Co- Director

Helen Crothers.png

Helen Crothers
Co- Director 

AUSTRALIA Max and Jill Sargent.jpg

Max & Jill Sargent 


UGANDA Sula Sunday and Betty.JPG

 Sunday Sula Lasa 
Ugandan Director 
Betty Sula,
Magere Clinic.


KENYA George Wanyonyi.jpg

                       George Wanyonyi

                         Board Member

KENYA Consolate Muga.jpg

                Consolate Muga,

Founder of Mercy Home and School

KENYA Peter Muga.jpg

             Peter Muga

Financial Administration

South Sudan

Medina Lamunu.jpeg

Medina Lamunu

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