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Mercy Children’s Home was founded in 2001 by Consolate Aluoch Muga, who began with ten children in two small rooms. After consulting with the Welfare Department, she was able to formally begin Mercy Home. In 2005/6 AAI was able to purchase 4.5 acres with an existing building. AAI has supported Consolate and her Board through the development and enlargement of facilities.


The home houses up to fifty children at any one time. Some children are brought to the home by the Children’s Welfare Department. Many arrive in a traumatised state, some having lost one or both parents. On arrival at Mercy Home, a social worker is employed to support these children with their ongoing requirements.

Mercy Children’s Home is situated on a hillside near Uriri, South Nyanza, Kenya. The view from the home is picturesque, covered with rich tropical greenery with a view of distant hills and mountains and small family farms.

Mercy Home Staff and children are excited to grow vegetables, maize, and fruit to supplement their diet.



Due to food insecurity bought about by the effects of the COVID pandemic, Mercy Ministries began a Kitchen Garden Project for 40 local families, supported by AAI who provided training and provision of seeds, plants, and fruit trees. This exciting project has extended into chicken raising businesses and skills training in fence construction.

AAI Founder, Jean Leak Introducing Mercy Home.
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