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Updated: Apr 11, 2023

The current project at Mercy School is to build a Junior Secondary School. This JSS has commenced and the Government has given them 3 years to get the necessary infrastructure in place in order to maintain registration. It has been a lot of pressure on Mercy to get this new school underway, but they have, with faith seemed to have managed the ‘impossible.’

However the JSS has had to start in substandard renovated iron classrooms on the old school site. Check out the photos and videos and you will see that the kids don't let this take away from the joy of having the opportunity to learn.

Had Mercy not taken this step, the children graduating from grade 6 would have finished their education at end of grade 6. Junior Secondary Schools for years 7,8 and 9 are a new initiative of the government in Kenya and there are not many JSS available for these kids to attend.

One of the infrastructure requirements is to build a brick classroom computer laboratory which is costed at $39,000. We are able to offer tax deductibility for donations towards this project at Mercy Mainflower Academy.

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