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Updated: Oct 21, 2022


Safeway Clinic is located in northern Kampala, (Uganda’s capital city) and is some distance from any hospital. The clinic is run by Betty Chandiru Blessed Sula who is married to pastor Sunday Sula. Betty is a qualified, registered nurse who specialises in midwifery.

A laboratory technician is on site and a doctor is on call and frequently consults with Betty.

Recently, AAI purchased an ultrasound machine. This enables Betty to monitor the progress of the pregnancy, which benefits both mother and baby.

The vision for the clinic is to renovate the existing facility to include a new birthing room as well as a room for mother and baby to occupy until they are ready to go home.

Finance has not yet been raised for this extensive expenditure which includes new equipment, aids, furnishings and replenishing of medications.

The operating costs, medicines and wages are fully funded by AAI donations and offers an unconditional holistic medical service counselling and prayer support.

Our primary school in Bweyale, Central Uganda runs a medical service for students and staff. The service is also offered to past students who cannot afford medical care within their community.

Mobile clinics sponsored by AAI, visit outlying villages where they provide medical diagnosis and medicine.


A qualified social worker is employed for the children at Mercy home, Uriri, Western Kenya.

Medical assistance is extended into the local community by Mercy Church. In June 2022 they hosted medics (doctors, clinical officers & nurses), pastors, evangelists and youth/children counsellors and family life counsellors as part of a week of mission activities in the local community.

Finance is always required prior to arranging such clinics. Money given to these outreaches are accounted for and sent for such scheduled events.

South Sudan

In our developing project located in Obbo, there is a great need for another medical facility.

Distance to a hospital, lack of safe roads and transport, lack of medical staff and medicine, are ongoing issues for this remote community.

AAI is investigating how we may provide a quality medical clinic located near to our school and community buildings.

This is a major vision, currently in the planning stage.

Should you wish to enquire further, please feel free to contact AAI.

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