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Success stories of empowerment

THE STORY OF MY LIFE - Sarah Nakasenge Oringa


I was just a child when my mother passed away, in that moment everything in my life changed. I was shocked to find out that my remaining option was to get married at the age of 13 years old.  My school studies came to a standstill. The bread winner of our house had gone to be with the Lord, my loving Mum who had worked all the time. I must say life was not easy with one meal a day and spending the rest of my time in the garden digging and chasing birds away from the rice crop because my Gran was a farmer. I shared one bed with the animals we reared at home, ‘jiggers’ and small pox were the order of the day, I suffered alone without medication or care. 

While in the village doing farming, my brother, Latimu came home unexpectedly, and guess what, it was my proudest day of my life I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw him. Latimu found me in a very miserable and terrible situation, we wiped each others tears. He shared with me the juice he came drinking and he told me that everything will be fine. Latimu told me that he had gotten me people to support my education through the African Action. I was extremely happy because this sounded as a dream to me, I didn’t know until that moment that I would ever look at the blackboard again.  My performance in class was not really so good because I had sat for a long period of time without Education, so catching up with my fellows in class took me some good time.

In 2009 I joined University with a Bachelor of Social work and Social Administration at Ndejje University and graduated with a Second Class Degree Upper. Immediately after my studies, I and my older sister Rosemary began a ‘Community Based Organization’ for ‘Children with Special Needs’ in Nansana, a Suburb of Kampala, and this came after my sister had given birth to a child with Downs Syndrome while on her studies in Belgium.

Three years working with Special Needs Children at ‘Angel’s Center’, my fears and phobia finally overcome, I visited many different Media Houses in Uganda, lobbying for a platform of ‘Persons with Disabilities’.


WHY? I realized if a child with disability is rehabilitated as early as possible, she/he can become a future President of Uganda, and ‘yes’ they can! Because I realized they can still make it in life despite the differences they have.

DELTA TV Uganda gave me platform where I came with a TV Program Called ‘Kisoboka’, Meaning ‘We Can’ in Lugandan language which has attracted so many Disability People Organizations (DPO’s) and given a platform to People with Disabilities to showcase their Abilities and Advocate for their Rights. And now I am looking forward at registering a company that is going to Continuously Encourage and Motivate Mothers with Special Needs Children by watching Inspirational Movies and sharing testimonies with fellow Parents so as to encourage them carry on. God willing……

I would like to really understand everything that led me to become such a good mom, considering I had no role model.

I love my life, love my kids, love my husband!

Finally, I would like to thank African Action International for supporting me throughout my career, sincerely if it wasn’t Mum Jean Leak, I wouldn’t be sharing my story!

May God Richly Bless you to reach more children out there like me.

Sarah Nakasenge Oringa.

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